Escaped Ads New Hampshire Dataset

The dataset below is organized in chronological order, with the first ad found in 1800 listed first, and the last ad found in 1815 last. Be sure to open the link in google sheets to sort the data using other variables.

The dataset has two sheets, found on the bottom left of the page: data and data dictionary. The data tab holds all data found for the project. The data dictionary explains all data fields. For a more detailed explanation of the data, each field, terms and definitions, and choices in data creation please see the methods page.

To access the spreadsheet online, go to the escaped-ads-nh sheet.

  • After following the link, make a copy of the spreadsheet to add the file to your personal google drive.
  • You can then manipulate, sort, filter and/or add to the data yourself.
  • For ideas and tips on how to work with the data, see the data visualizations page.

To see the transcriptions for each ad found in the New Hampshire Dataset go to the escaped-ads-nh_text document.

  • Make a copy of the document in your personal google drive if you would like to add your own findings!